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Seven Son Flower Tree


A striking but unusual specimen tree to add to your landscape is Seven Son Flower (Heptacodium miconides). This is one of the few trees that bloom in summer and the bloom continues into fall. Pale, creamy white, fragrant flowers emerge in August and last into September. The real show occurs in October when the calyces turn reddish – the effect is spectacular and lasts until the first frost.  In winter, the bark exfoliates to expose a light brown under bark.  This tree prefers full sun and will grow to 20’ high but is adaptable to dry soil and semi-shade. I have discovered that insects do not infest this tree including the winter moth.  When in bloom in August, it is full of buzzing bees busily collecting the nectar.  While the bees are busy and totally ignore me as I walk up my front path, this might not be a suitable tree for your landscape if you are allergic to bees.

4 thoughts on “Seven Son Flower Tree

  1. I just planted one near my patio in full south sun- it is doing great! Can’t wait until it is as beautiful as yours, Maureen,

    Anne Coster

  2. M – I appreciate your taking the initiative to post the first blog ON TOP of all of the work you undertook to revamp the website. You are one impressive gal!

  3. I have two unfortunately planted in Shade. Would have loved to move them before I pack up. THey are beautiful, smell great, nice for arrangements…definitely do better in full sun

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