Membership Rules and Application

Membership Rules

  1. The candidate must attend 2 meetings prior to submitting an application.
  2. The candidate shall be proposed by one active member (sponsor) and seconded by two members, all of who have completed a
    minimum of one year of club membership, are members in good standing, and are personally acquainted with the candidate.
  3. The sponsor shall submit in writing the name of the candidate, a completed application for membership form and a sponsoring
    letter to the Membership chairperson, Amie Glick.
  4. Election to active membership or the waiting list shall be by two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.
  5. Any member of the club may propose no more than one candidate and second no more than one candidate per club year.

Membership Application

Name _________________________________________  Telephone Number _______________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________________________

Email ______________________________________

Spouse _____________________________________

Reason for interest in Powisset Garden Club ______________________________________________




All candidates must live, work or visit Dover on a regular basis and are required to attend two meetings prior to submitting a
membership application.

A letter of sponsorship should accompany each application.

Members are required to volunteer for one or more civic projects each year.

Are you willing to serve on at least one committee or the Executive Board annually, as is required of active members? _____

Have you read our by-laws? _______

In addition, all active members are tasked to hostess or co-hostess a Club meeting or function each year.

Dues are $75 per year.  Initiation fee is $25.  Make check payable to Powisset Garden Club.

Sponsor _______________________________

Co- Sponsor ____________________________